November Top Movers

December 25 is just days away. For some that means looking forward to sitting around the Christmas Tree, sharing moments of joy with family. For others it means looking forward to no lines at the movie theaters and lots of Chinese food. And for still others it means looking forward to yet another year of being the creepy guy in the Santa hat at the Cabaret Lounge asking the cocktail waitress to make sure the change is in one dollar bills. As for me, I only have to worry about starting my holiday shopping.

November 2006 Top Movers
# Site US Visitors % Δ
1. 1,640,651 822%
2. 1,393,236 552%
3. 2,679,441 523%
4. 794,730 401%
5. 802,143 385%
6. 2,570,656 377%
7. 736,912 359%
8. 1,079,347 321%
9. 7,181,913 311%
10. 2,986,245 299%

But a quick look at our Top Ten Movers list for November shows that not everyone waits until the last minute to buy their gifts. The increase in traffic to some of these sites can only be explained by eager beavers trying to get a jump on the holiday season. Here’s the way I read it: The bargain hunters were busy checking out for early discounts on GPS systems or color scanners. The romantic types were hitting to find the gift guaranteed to take her breath away. Concerned citizens were stopping by to support Operation 2 Million Cup and make the holidays a little warmer for our troops overseas. And of course everybody was visiting to pick out just the right animated e-card to express the spirit of the season. Nice.

I only hope my stocking is stuffed with an embroidered Santa hat from, plus lots of ones.

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