Gamer Hype Fight: What's going to be the biggest video game hit after the Holidays?

Today I bring to you the first of what will become a monthly video game feature here at the Compete Blog. I present a new metric known as "hype". Anyone can tell you that Halo 3 is going to be huge. But how huge? And how much bigger than Gears of War? For the first time we are bringing you a view into pre-release video game demand based on the volume of consumers researching each game across the most popular video game review sites, shopping sites, and official game pages. Each month a choice selection of video games will engage in a Gamer Hype Fight. Fanboys unite — this is your chance to finally use real data to prove that your game of choice is the best.


Since this is the first in a series of posts, it makes sense that we explain the methodology used in our calculations. Compete will select the five upcoming releases yielding the most buzz. The games will be across the five major current generation platforms, so there will inevitably be bias since certain platforms are more widely used than others. We will then measure the volume of consumers researching each game (pre-release) across the following top retail and game sites.

The Challengers:

  • Wii: Wario Ware: Smooth Moves

    The Wario Ware series is a unique and fast-paced action game tailor-made for the ADD generation. Five seconds of pure bliss, over and over again. The series is a perfect fit for the revolutionary Wiimote, and should be another early hit for the Wii.

  • Xbox 360: Lost Planet:Extreme Condition

    This game burst onto the scene with a very nice playable demo released at E3 last year. An atmospheric action-oriented 3rd person shooter, Lost Planet has success and franchise potential written all over it.

  • Nintendo DS: Phoenix Wright: Justice For All

    The original Phoenix Wright was the single most difficult release of the year to acquire. This ultra sleeper smash hit quickly grew in popularity by word of mouth and had to be re-printed numerous times to meet demand. Prices reached almost double MSRP.

  • PSP: Rainbow Six: Vegas

    The latest installment of this long running Tom Clancy series reaches portable format on the PSP in late January. For the PSP owners looking to get your tactical action fix on — this is for you.

  • PS3: College Hoops 2K7

    Yawn"¦. But, it’s the only as-of-yet announced title for the PS3 in stores this January. February looks much better.

  • And the winner is….

    Lost Planet, by a landslide!!!!!!!!!

    This is the first installment of the Gamer Hype Fight. We will likely be modifying the volume of titles and sites evaluated. If you have some suggestions for us leave a note on the comments board.

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