Paparazzi 2.0: They have pictures, we have clicks

It’s not all about search engine market share, conversion rate, campaign tracking, product demand, etc., etc. at Compete. We also enjoy looking into the clickstream crystal ball to see what’s going on in popular culture. On the heels of Britney Spears’ well "documented" birthday stunt, we were curious who was garnering all the attention in Hollywood land.

We looked at and measured which celebrity on its Top Ten list reeled in the most page views in November, 2006. Below are the results.

Although she hasn’t released an album in years, Britney Spears managed to stay atop the competition, receiving 34% of the viewer ship of this list. Her recent divorce and birthday debacle no doubt managed to keep her in the top spot of the Top Ten list. Interesting enough, the recent marriage of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise solidified the TomCat duo as the 2nd and 3rd most viewed celebs. Incumbent Pamela Anderson somehow maintains her spot on the Top Ten list beating out the Simpson sisters (not Lisa and Maggie) and Lost costar Evangeline Lilly.

When analyzing this new list some clear themes develop. Below is a brief guide designed for stars looking to gain media coverage.

    1. Get married.
    2. Get divorced.
    Extra Credit: execute step 1 and step 2 within in a short timeframe
    3. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
    4. Release an album (musical talent not required).
    5. Do something stupid. Options include:

    • Lip synch on SNL
    • Let the world see your birthday suit — on your birthday
    • Marry Tom Cruise
    • Just be yourself (depends on who you are)

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