Since you asked: Compete vs Alexa

Finally, Competition for Alexa.
– Liz Gannes,

I find them more accurate for US sites than Alexa, and a lot easier to read.
– Howard Morgan, WayTooEarly – First Round Capital

New FREE ranking system better then Alexa by far.
– Markus Frind, CEO of

The accuracy of Compete vs Alexa has convinced me to switch.
– Rogelio Choy, Let me be blunt

Many people have cheered Compete’s decision to open its data to the world. We love it! Opening access to the competitive site metrics has driven people to compare Compete against Alexa, which is great, but has also caused a few points of confusion. We wanted to take the time to clarify a few points so that you have a better informed view of who Compete is and where Compete’s analysis / metrics come from.

  • Compete data is not based solely on Compete Toolbar users. Compete balances multiple data sources, including ISPs, ASPs, Opt-In Panels and the Compete Toolbar. We strongly believe in our multiple data source strategy and its ability to detect and correct for bias across diverse data sources to ensure accurate projections.
  • Compete, Inc – the company – was founded over five years ago and we have over 70 employees! Yep, that’s 70+ people working day and night to make sure the infrastructure is always up, data is being normalized, analyzing the data, continually tweaking projection algorithms, etc. We have been doing this for a while, we’re serious about what we do, and we’re here to do more of it.
  • – the website you see today — was launched November 1st, 2006.
  • We created because we know that people will find our data useful and valuable (bloggers, marketers, moms, dads, ninjas), just like the leading brands that leverage Compete’s commercial services.

Since many people have asked, the table below shows how we think we compare with Alexa. Make your own comparison and let us know your thoughts. We will post replies within the comment forum.

  Compete Alexa
Precise Unique Visitor Estimates Yes No
Site Rankings Yes Yes
Active Monthly Panel Size 2,000,000+ Not Disclosed
Normalization Methodology Multi-dimensional scaling (Age, Income, Gender, Location) Not Normalized
Clickstream Sources ISPs, Compete Toolbar Users, Opt-In Panels, ASPs Alexa Toolbar Users
Geographic Focus U.S. International
Reporting Timeframe Monthly Daily

For more details check the links below:

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