Sunnyvale and Mountain View…so close, yet so far

According to Google Maps Sunnyvale and Mountain View California are 3.0 miles apart. Oddly enough according to Yahoo Maps they are 2.9 miles apart. Yet despite the estimated mileage they both claim it takes 6 minutes to drive from Sunnyvale to Mountain View. So that means the folks at Yahoo are averaging about 29 MPH and the folks at Google are averaging about 30 MPH. Based on the web search market share results for November it looks like Google is not only traveling with greater velocity, they are heading in a completely different direction. I hope Yahoo knows where they’re going.

After gaining some ground in October, Yahoo’s web search share took a big tumble in November. Yahoo’s share of web search declined 3.6ppts to under 21%. The reality for Yahoo is that the absolute decline for the Sunnyvale crew was even worse when you take into account that total web search queries were down from October to November. Meanwhile Google’s web search recovered from a slight two month slide with substantial gains in November.

In other news "¦ Ask share remained elevated above year ago levels indicating that maybe, just maybe, they have actually moved the market a bit with their offline media spending. AOL and Dogpile were among the gainers as well. AOL gains however slight may indicate they have hit the bottom. Here’s a question for AOL "¦ How come you don’t have a search box integrated into AIM? Call me crazy but I have this strange idea that if you integrated the number one Instant Messaging client with your struggling search engine you might actually move the needle.

We recently had someone from contact us asking for some numbers regarding the frequency with which Proper Names are searched for on the major engines. That got us thinking, so we decided for this months top-10 terms to check out the top-10 proper names. Unfortunately, identifying proper names in a list of search terms is not a simple task. As a result we’ve only dug through the top two engines for this month’s post. As a bonus we’ve expanded to the top-15 names. So what did we find? Well "¦ A bunch of pop idols, 3 fictional characters (1 with their real identity also in the list), 2 recently deceased singers, 1 recently defamed minister of the New Life Church, 1 comedian with some race issues, a couple of TV actors unfortunately known for their weight, and Paris Hilton (was it the great acting or the amazing musical talent?).

* Search market share includes web search only and is calculated based on unique queries within each session during the given month. A unique query is defined as unique user, search engine, and term with no double counting for repeat queries within a session by the same user. Compete tracks the 20 top search engines. For more information please contact Compete.

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