Top 20 Websites: Who's In, Who's Out


Top Sites October 2006

Key observations:

  • In October, there were exactly 20 domains with over 20 million unique visitors. This is it. The elite of the elite!
  • There is a gap of *33 million* unique visitors between #3 AOL and #4 MSN.
  • Name a website that gets between 80-100 million unique visitors a month? Trick question. There are none! The top 3 domains – Yahoo, Google and AOL – are truly in a class of their own. There were NO domains with unique visitor traffic between 80-100 million (see chart below).
  • Who is new on this list? (compared to Oct ’05):
  • Who is absent? (compared to Oct ’05):

    Interesting note: Even though and fell out of the top-20, unique visitor traffic to those domains is actually up.


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