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PS3 vs. Wii vs. Xbox 360: PS3 Demand Soaring but Sticker Shock Cometh

Every few years, video gamers of all ages collectively rejoice with the dawn of a new generation of game consoles. The long-awaited 7th generation console battle, which began with the launch of the Xbox 360 last November, heats up in earnest over the next few days with the release of Sony’s PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Nintendo’s Wii. The stakes (and prices) this time are higher than ever. The ubiquitous PlayStation

Who is the best Jam Band? The people say Pearl Jam

A jam band is a band that tours regularly, doesn’t promote heavily, hasn’t sold-out to corporate sponsors, has a loyal and viral fan-base, improvises on stage"¦and of course rocks. At a recent party the question was proposed, "Post Grateful Dead, who’s the best jam band?" I would have assumed that the clear winner would have been Phish, but the majority of music buffs voted Pearl Jam as the winner. My


A little background about MITX: Held annually by the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange, the MITX Awards recognize excellence in the creation of interactive technologies designed, produced or developed in New England. Begun in 1996, the MITX Awards have grown to the largest and most prestigious awards competition in the country for technology innovations and celebrates the best creative and technological accomplishments emerging from New England. For more information go

Let MySpace Open the Door

In September, NewsCorp COO Peter Chermin said that "˜most’ of YouTube’s traffic comes from Chermin’s MySpace property. Traffic being referred between two of the highest profile sites on the internet is nothing new, but when it potentially influences the suite of services catering to the insatiable teen audience that Chermin purchased, you pull up a chair. "Given that most of their traffic comes from us, if we build adequate, if

Google Continues to Cool; Everyone Looking for That Youtube Thing

October brought us another month with Google losing a little steam. Month-over-month Google web-search market share was slightly off. Since October 2005 Google’s share was still up substantially and remained the reference standard for the industry with the leading market share. Yahoo and Ask both posted gains. Yahoo’s gain wasn’t enough to push its share back up to year ago levels. Ask on the other hand managed to eek out

Moonbats vs. Wingnuts Part 2

Here we are, Election Day, and it’s all just about over except for the shouting. Trouble is, I think there’s going to be plenty of shouting come tomorrow. We might not know the outcome of some of these races until well into the wee hours of Wednesday, and both the Wingnut and Moonbat contingents will doubtless be hollering if their side comes up on the short end of the stick.

Senate Races

The mid-term elections on November 7th represent the first serious threat to Republican control of Congress since the GOP was swept into power in 1994. Conventional wisdom says that even if the Democrats are able to gain the 15 House seats needed for majority control, picking up the necessary 7 seats in the Senate would be a long shot at best. We thought it would be fun to take a

Moonbats vs. Wingnuts, Part 1

Political blogs are serving an increasingly more influential role in our democracy. They act as both barometer and incubator of political thought, disseminating information about the mood of the electorate while simultaneously initiating ideas and calls-to-action that influence that mood. And while a discussion of this ascendant political force probably deserves some level of gravitas, we instead choose sensationalism. We give you then, our analysis of: Moonbats vs. Wingnuts: What

Airport Security — Please don't throw my toothpaste out!

Seriously, I have bad breath"¦ The two items I need in my carry-on at all times are toothpaste and mouthwash. In 2002, my breath was so bad that it started melting the passenger window and the plane had to make an emergency landing in a porcelain farm in Mobile, Alabama – true story. Unfortunately for my seat neighbors I don’t know if I can bring my toothpaste on my flights — The internet revealed!

Today we are formally announcing the launch of We quietly launched the service last week to collect feedback from the community and now it’s time open the service to everyone! Why is a big deal? Metrics: First premium web metrics tool made available for free Metrics: The largest, most robust and diverse data source available in the industry Search: First true social search solution leveraging community click-stream information

Launch Press Release

Compete Launches the First Free Premium Web Analytics Tools for Interactive Marketers, Small Businesses and Consumers Compete Inc. today announced the launch of, the first website to offer free premium web analytics to interactive marketers, small businesses and consumers.’s new online tools provide timely and accurate snapshots for every site on the internet including competitive website analytics — all free of charge. The information on offers several