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Andrew Sullivan is leading a political revolution. A big, conservative, political revolution. A big, conservative, political revolution, possibly with show tunes.

His book, The Conservative Soul, has earned both praise and scorn from all sides of the political spectrum, and his little corner of the blogosphere has been attracting the devoted and the curious in ever-increasing numbers, with huge spikes just prior to the election.

Perhaps most importantly, he chose to feature a link to our Moonbats vs. Wingnuts post on election day, so we know he’s a good guy.

Sullivan, former editor of the New Republic, embodies several seemingly disparate elements. He’s a conservative, gay, devout Catholic who has expressed disappointment if not outright hostility toward the Republican party. While he seems distrustful of the traditionally big-government Democratic party, in a recent interview on Al Franken’s Air America radio show, Sullivan said that he had been contemplating the merits of reviving a conservative movement from within the Donkey Party. He even went so far as to hypothetically label himself a “Goldwater Democrat”, a term he defined here. Gay, conservative, Catholic, Goldwater, Democrats? So many strange bedfellows I’ve lost count.

In this era where the definitions of conservatism and liberalism seem more and more difficult to define, Sullivan offers a possible roadmap toward a new path: “What I hope to do on the blog in the next few months is chart a new political direction that focuses on sensible small-c conservative reform: of gerrymandering, pork, entitlement excess, corporate welfare, immigration chaos, poor intelligence, and a realist attempt to get Iraq right. Let’s leave the labels behind. There is a lot the vital center can agree on.”

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