Face to Face, Again

Back in April we mentioned the face recognition site MyHeritage.com. The buzz surrounding this site has since then led to a significant increase in people visiting and utilizing the technology. In October, 2006, MyHeritage.com achieved the one million people per month mark. Earlier this year, a picture of me yielded matches to Martin Luther King Jr., Luciano Pavarotti, and late Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi. With the recent rampant popularity at this domain, I decided to give it another shot matching my mug to celebrities. When uploading my blog icon image, MyHeritage matched me to the following famous people:

On the left we have Carrie Underwood, the female country singer and previous winner of America Idol. Batting second is none other than the President of India, Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam. Lastly, is famous drummer and TV star, Travis Barker. Minus the tatoos, I think Travis might be the best fit. Note that both times I have tested this technology I have been matched to an Indian political leader.

Face recognition technology has caught on. The chart below shows a five-fold increase in people logging in to MyHeritage since August, 2006.

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