The verdict's in: gadgets rule

With Christmas carols being piped into Mall for the 5th consecutive month, its obvious that the holiday shopping season is in full swing. But the question remains; what can I buy from Walmart and then sell for a profit on eBay? Looking at products across leading online retailers, it’s clear that the masses have spoken and they love things that need an A/C adapter. Nine (arguably ten) out of the ten most highly shopped products fall in the category of entertainment related electronics.

Launching last week, it’s no surprise that the PS3 and Wii were the most shopped items, and spiked residual interest in their handheld alternatives (PSP, DS), their no-3-day-waiting-in-line rival (Xbox 360), and possibly their nerdy little sister (Leapster). With TMX Elmo showing strong interest since launch, it appears this Christmas will be a horribly real version of Jingle All The Way for many parents. The real surprise is iPod; despite being relatively unchanged, and dominating the MP3 market, it’s still driving nearly a quarter of top 10 interest.

But the real indicator of supply shortage is unexpected demand growth, and this story is told down (and off) the list. While the 70% average growth makes all of these items hard to keep stocked, the 173% growth in Gears of War interest means that, despite being easy to produce and ship, it will probably be a post-new-years present for anyone who doesn’t act quickly.

Online Products (Week of 11/5/06)
Product Shopper Volume Shopper Growth
1. Playstation 3 523,610 84%
2. Nintendo Wii 353,961 83%
3. iPod Nano 350,645 38%
4. TMX Elmo 277,530 58%
5. Xbox 360 225,672 74%
6. iPod Video 208,341 27%
7. Sony PSP 125,549 59%
8. Nintendo DS 114,339 93%
9. Gears of War 98,979 173%
9. Leapster Learning System 94,745 69%

Note: Compete, Inc. calculated product demand based on the number of U.S. consumers who shopped for the respective item at leading online retailers. Shopper growth is based on the previous two weeks.

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