Thanksgiving Recipes

Can you smell the pumpkin pie? Well you shouldn’t, because Thanksgiving isn’t until Thursday; however, we can already detect people’s intentions of stuffing their bellies with an assortment of traditional dishes and a couple of new spins. No one likes burning the turkey or serving a forgettable apple pie, so people are flocking to recipe sites to get their culinary cheat sheets. has emerged as one of the top recipe resources providing its visitors a list of its Top 20 Thanksgiving recipes. The site, which averages about 4 million visitors per month, is full of great ideas for meals that will get others begging for second helpings. The recipes were submitted by members, and the list contains reviews and ratings from people who tried the recipes at home. Below are the top 10 recipes that based upon visitors since the beginning of November.

Although the Banana Sour Cream bread had the most reviews this month, it trailed the Top 10 in terms of attracting the most people. The thought of combining bananas and sour cream apparently scares off a lot of views, but WOW the people who had the courage to try it loved it. Conversely, the Perfect Pumpkin Pie recipe gained the most interest, and reviews show that it’s fairly easy to make!

The Food Network also put out a Classic Thanksgiving Menu that is full of 8 great recipes from different TV episodes.

The Good Eats Roast turkey, which had the most interest this month, will be airing on the Food Network channel Thursday at 11am. Check it out if you need some last minute help.

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