featured at tonight's TechCrunch Party in NYC

It’s been two weeks since was officially launched and things are just getting started. Over the last two weeks we have received hundreds of emails pertaining to:

– Requests for APIs
– When is weekly information going to be available?
– The SnapShot bubbles on your Search engine are annoying me — they are too big
– Search! Search! Search! Give us detailed query data
– Why do you only concentrate on the U.S. market?
– You should invert the way you graph "˜Rank’
– I just saved $200!
– I don’t understand your Trust Scores
– This is awesome!
– This is not so awesome — you guys need to make improvements

We read every email, respond to most of them and consider all needs and suggestions. today is the beginning of a much larger end and we invite the whole community to participate in its growth. If you reach out to us we will listen

Tonight we will be sharing the release of with Michael Arrington and 500 New Yorkers and listening to their reactions in real time at the TechCrunch party at BED — a Westside club in NYC. Compete will be featured in the TechCrunch Demo Mashpit and will be armed with open minds and cocktails all night"¦ It should be a blast!

Oh, I almost forgot"¦ The Compete Blog — what you are reading right now — has seen exponential reader and subscriber growth in the last 60 days"¦ Thank you for checking in and spreading the word"¦

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