Who is the best Jam Band? The people say Pearl Jam

A jam band is a band that tours regularly, doesn’t promote heavily, hasn’t sold-out to corporate sponsors, has a loyal and viral fan-base, improvises on stage"¦and of course rocks. At a recent party the question was proposed, "Post Grateful Dead, who’s the best jam band?" I would have assumed that the clear winner would have been Phish, but the majority of music buffs voted Pearl Jam as the winner. My sample size was 20 drunk hippies, so I applied the question to Compete data.

Best Jam Bands - 2006

To be fair this isn’t a totally fair comparison. First of all, Pearl Jam just released a new album in May. In addition, Phish certainly isn’t touring these days and Widespread Panic is beginning to collect social security. However, there are no excuses in Jam Band Land and Pearl Jam wins"¦

On a side note, Widespread Panic’s double disc "Light Fuse, Get Away" was the only thing that got me through college. Not much of a consolation prize, but worth a note.

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