Airport Security — Please don't throw my toothpaste out!

Seriously, I have bad breath"¦ The two items I need in my carry-on at all times are toothpaste and mouthwash. In 2002, my breath was so bad that it started melting the passenger window and the plane had to make an emergency landing in a porcelain farm in Mobile, Alabama – true story.

Unfortunately for my seat neighbors I don’t know if I can bring my toothpaste on my flights anymore. Since the attempted London attack (August 9th) where terrorists conspired to make a bomb on a flight using liquid nitrogen, international airports have instituted varying degrees of "˜liquid policies". The rules are constantly changing and passengers are often finding themselves in violation and forced to forfeit items.

As a result people are flocking to – the official website of the Transportation Security Administration. Between July and August site traffic jumped 475%. In addition, we found that people are spending an additional two minutes per visit compared to historical levels.

TSA began relaxing rules in September which lead to a slight decline in visitor traffic; however, with any change comes confusion and as a result we are seeing time spent on the site continuing to increase. We suspect rules will continue to adjust, visitor levels to will stay healthy and TSA will join Google AdSense to support the additional cost of explaining to people why they can’t bring their toothpaste onboard.

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