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YouTube vs MySpace Growth: No Contest!

When I was writing my Google Video vs. YouTube analysis (maybe someone at Google read the analysis and acted on it ;-), YouTube’s growth trajectory simply astounded me, which in turn compelled me to compare it against – – another viral phenomenon. Here is what I discovered: In the chart above, YouTube when compared to MySpace doesn’t look too impressive. In August, YouTube was less than half the size

Are you ready for some football?

Football season is now officially in full swing, and fans are showing their loyalty by visiting the sites of the more popular teams in the NFL. Leading the way are The Dallas Cowboys, coming in as the most popular site of any NFL team and truly earning their title of America’s Team. No surprise here, really, with the combination of the always entertaining Terrell Owens and the always pleasant Cowgirl

How many ways can MySpace be creepy?

Q: How many ways can MySpace be creepy? A: At the time of the writing of this post, exactly 570 ways — the number of deaths featured on MyDeathSpace The explosive growth of MySpace and the subsequent media coverage has attracted a number of new business models, criminals and legitimate commercial enterprises trying to take advantage of the new forum"¦ And then there is MyDeathSpace, a site dedicated to highlighting

Fall Television Making Waves Online

The new fall television season was already making waves in Week 38 (Sept 17"”23) with several TV-oriented websites showing significant increases in traffic. Leading the way in terms of growth with a 505% increase in unique visitors was culinary cutie Rachael Ray, whose new syndicated show debuted with strong ratings that week. But the real winner for the week was Not only did the network’s primary site welcome an

It's True, Housing Demand is Down — We Have Proof!

Ok"¦So we’ve heard the news that the housing market is softening up, but by how much? Most industry reports detail price drops and sparsely attended open houses, but we haven’t seen an actual figure of how bad the situation has become. Since many of us at Compete own homes, we thought we would put our data to action. Measuring Housing Demand Online: Compete selected seven major housing/real estate sites to

Is Amazon Throwing in the Towel on A9?

That’s the question we found ourselves asking last week when Amazon announced it would be eliminating several key features of its A9 search engine. What is A9 you ask? Well that my friend may be the true underlying issue at hand. Amazon launched the A9 search engine back in April 2004 with the core idea that search results could be vastly improved if one could meld consumer behavior and mathematical

Google Video is no match for YouTube!

Yes, I confess. I am a YouTube AND Google Video addict. Heck, so are a lot of other people! In August, 23.7 million US people visited YouTube, while 7.8 million people visited Google Video. Do I think one service is better than the other? Absolutely. Which one you ask? YouTube for sure. Why? It’s just better. It has a more involved community, more obscure videos, more interesting videos, better interface,

sCommerce – The new Web 2.0 buzz word

Compete is fascinated by the idea of social computing — the idea that millions of people working efficiently together is far more powerful than any computer. To date, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia have grabbed most of the headlines. These sites have brought millions of people together in an efficient exchange to more easily meet people and find the best news / content / information. The problem is none of

Rain or Shine

As the seasons change, from summer to fall, people all over the country rely upon the weather forecast to plan golf outings, tailgating, bike rides, and morning strolls. Weather is fairly unique in that it affects everyone. Whether you are up North and deciding which parka to wear or down south and contemplating SPF 15 or 30, having the forecast at your fingertips is very useful. As such, Web sites

Lost in the Mail

Well, I have to admit I don’t send packages very often and when I do I usually use the US postal service. So on September 12 I had to send out a package to New Jersey and like I normally do I walked to the post office, waited in line and then handed the teller my package. I paid the cheapest amount necessary and I walked out. My job was