Digg.com Being Dugg??

There’s rumors on the Internets that social newssite Digg.com might be the latest high-profile acquisition target. A report on TechCrunch says that media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. has been talking to Digg about a possible purchase, but that the expected asking price of $150 Million was a bit too steep. Why the interest in Digg? Digg’s commitment to "user-powered content" is interesting enough, but would it be worth the money?To maximize its investment, News Corp., or any other prospective buyer, would want to buy on the early end of a property’s growth curve. Take a look at US visitors to digg in comparison to other news aggregator sites, slashdot, representing the establishment, and newsvine, representing the newcomers. The growth curve for digg is impressive enough to get the attention of any web investor.

As impressive as Digg’s growth may be, it falls well short of the ridiculous rate enjoyed by MySpace in the first 21 months of it’s current incarnation (which started in July 2003).

Still, 36,000% compound growth in less than two years isn’t too shabby – let the bidding begin.

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