South Park Turns 10!

That’s right, it’s the 10th season* of South Park and the adventures of Eric, Kyle, Stan and Kenny! Making fun of pop trends, celebrities, politics and religion, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been on the cutting edge of cultural parody for a full decade. So what could be a better way to celebrate a big birthday than to offer all your friends free games "¦and a personality test? Yep, over at South Park’s online home at you can take the test and learn which main character you most resemble. You can even copy the code provided in the results page and post the animated "badge" on your site.

One million people visit each month on average, and 69,000 visited the South Park main page in September. The site is the digital locker for all things South Park. For game players, there’s the South Park 10 Games — four are ready now with more on the way. For true fanatics who want to take the crew with them, there is the Trivia Probe — a daily SMS game available to VirginMobile subscribers. Or if you have Cingular or T-Mobile, you can buy South Park ringtones and wallpaper including my favorite Deputy Cartman ("respect my authoritah!").

The Fall season opened with several more hilarious episodes. As usual the boys overcome evil and stupidity while learning important lessons, and of course Kenny dies. The drama is heavy and, as long as you are not politically correct or easily offended, great for lots of laughs. There’s more good news too — the creators have at least two more seasons planned after this one is over!

*It’s actually the second half of the tenth season — the show is different in many, many ways including being launched in Spring as opposed to Fall like most TV programs.

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