The Internet Is Predicting Cell Phone Purchases

Compete is fortunate to be able to talk to and observe millions of Internet users. We see millions of people buying things online, but we also see plenty of products and services that people research online and then head out to the store to touch and feel before they purchase. In fact, there are products where most people shop online before hitting the stores.

Cell phones are one of these clicks-to-bricks products.

Online shopping and research has reached a critical mass where we can use it to sample overall consumer demand and future purchasing activity for highly-considered purchases, such as cars, travel and, of course, wireless devices. Compete’s Wireless Practice has developed specific insights into how consumers use the Internet to research and purchase wireless devices, which models are receiving the highest consideration and why.

"¢ Over 5 million shoppers conduct detailed online handset research each month

"¢ The Internet is the most consistently used research channel and is more trusted than any source besides family and friends

"¢ The most effective cell phone makers convert shoppers to buyers at twice the rate of the least effective ones

On October 26th, Compete is hosting a webinar to share its insights on how the Internet has changed the way consumers shop for mobile phones and why that should make the wireless industry very happy"¦

If you would like to listen in follow this link and register — it’s FREE!

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