Are you ready for some football?

Football season is now officially in full swing, and fans are showing their loyalty by visiting the sites of the more popular teams in the NFL. Leading the way are The Dallas Cowboys, coming in as the most popular site of any NFL team and truly earning their title of America’s Team. No surprise here, really, with the combination of the always entertaining Terrell Owens and the always pleasant Cowgirl Cheerleaders, that site will consistently attract the eyes of many a football fan.

Last year’s Super Bowl champs are fighting to maintain their dominance, making an impressive showing as the number five site placing just ahead of the NFL’s premier franchise; the New England Patriots (guess where I am from). Amazingly, The Oakland Raiders made our top ten list despite starting off the season 0 and 5. Perhaps their fans were checking the site in hopes of selling jars of slightly used black and silver face paint.

NFL Team Sites (October 1-7, 2006)
# Site US Visitors
1. 394,822
2. 220,581
3. 214,025
4. 208,424
5. 168,978
6. 126,972
7. 124,982
8. 103,475
9. 99,126
10. 87,826

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