sCommerce – The new Web 2.0 buzz word

Compete is fascinated by the idea of social computing — the idea that millions of people working efficiently together is far more powerful than any computer. To date, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia have grabbed most of the headlines. These sites have brought millions of people together in an efficient exchange to more easily meet people and find the best news / content / information. The problem is none of the fore mentioned sites sell anything. These sites rely on advertising to pay the electricity bills — begging the question, "how can normal product and service companies we all know, love and sometimes hate leverage the power of the masses?"

Samples of sCommerce Strategies Explored

  • Prosper: Peer—to—Peer lending site
  • Yelp: Community based, regionally segmented consumer review site
  • Manlaws: Millerlite’s community centric micro site
  • Cingular online forums: Platform for conversation between subscribers, support and the Cingular brand

On October 12th, Compete has teamed up with Charlene Li of Forrester Research and will explore the early success stories of sCommerce. The 45 minute presentation will analyze sCommerce strategies across a number of industries ranging from financial services to beer. Yes, we managed to talk about selling beer only two slides after analyzing how sites like Prosper who are allowing people to borrow money from each other directly — thus surpassing the expensive intermediary — the bank.

We all like saving money and most of us like drinking beer, so click here to sign up for the webinar — it’s free.

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