All Bets Are Off

Online gambling companies have recently come under serious scrutiny. Some states, like Louisiana, are issuing and executing arrest warrants for top officials employed by overseas gambling sites. Just ask Peter Dicks, the former chairman of SportingBet, who was arrested several weeks ago. On top of that, a new bill, which easily passed through the House, is currently sitting in the Senate and would effectively prevent US credit card companies and banks from accepting offshore gambling charges. Amidst all this, college football and NFL games have begun, and so has gamblin’ season. Despite the arrests and outstanding legislation, online gambling sites continue to receive significant site traffic. Here is Compete’s Top Ten Online Sports Gambling Sites Ranking:

Compete Top Ten: Sports Gambling Sites July ’06

Site US Visitors Rank 412,687 4,246 291,086 6,205 245,907 7,395 198,460 9,115 108,911 16,245 77,986 22,320 45,218 36,573 35,488 45,233 17,401 82,981 14,495 96,636

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