Mobile Video Demand Is Small But Growing Fast

Mobile video has emerged as one of the hottest technologies in the wireless industry. All the major carriers have launched mobile TV services, and the investment community continues to pour money into enabling technologies. So far, consumers have responded with limited but growing interest.

Interest in mobile video on the Big-4 carriers’ websites increased 80% over the past year, yet still represents less than 1% of carrier website traffic, according to recent data from Compete, Inc. Overall, content including ringtones, games, wallpapers and applications represents a much larger 13% of total Big-4 website traffic.

Enhancing and marketing mobile video services’ ease of use will be crucial to converting novelty interest into mass market adoption. Mobile TV services feel complicated and expensive to most consumers. That can be remedied through stimulating viral marketing and communicating these services’ ease of use. Offering demos and tying the online channel into the mobile experience through content shifting and file sharing will help as well.

With advanced services like mobile television, carriers and key content players must both build awareness and educate consumers about the offerings. As consumers’ primary wireless research channel, the Internet offers companies a way to encourage that education process as well as benchmark, measure and continuously improve their approach.

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