Top Ten Movers: Week 34

Here are the Top Ten Movers from Week 34, August 20 — August 26. So what is going on this time of year? I’ll tell you exactly what’s going on, everyone and their sister are moving. Logically, when one moves to his/her brand new loft apartment downtown he/she then hits up ikea in order to pick up some trendy furniture. Alright, now that the place is decked out with the latest and greatest in Swedish home furnishings (which is necessary), what is next? Well, you can read up on how to make the most of your new pad at, order some coffee beans at, and get some cooking ideas from Everything is now under control right? Wrong! While moving from one apartment to another you completely forgot to feed your dog. Yea, it’s been 7 days, not cool. Solution?? Hit up, pick up some puppy chow and call it a day (they have already gone without for 7 days, a couple more can’t hurt, right?).

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