Back To School

To most parents, this is the best time of the year. Unfortunately, to many scholarly children, this can be the worst time of year.

Moms and Dads everywhere begin to make sure their kids are prepared for the upcoming school year by taking them for a little "back-to-school" shopping. Most kids dread that back to school trip to the mall and would rather be doing anything else"¦even cleaning their room. So what have retailers done to make back to school shopping easier? First, with online shopping, parents no longer have to pack up their Honda Odyssey and spend a fortune on gas to get to the mall anymore. Second, the large retailers have made back-to-school supplies front and center on their sites throughout the summer so parents and kids can find exactly what they need come this fall. Target has a great section on their website dedicated to college aged kids going off to College. While Walmart has a great section dedicated to younger, grammar school shoppers. In July, Target was welcoming over 20 million people to their site and Walmart was rolling back the prices for over 21 million people!

As the large retailers battle it out, a newly redesigned has launched and really created some noise in July. Site traffic is up over 341% (June to July) and over 4.9 million people are visiting to find a great new back-pack and Kiss lunch box. Actually, I’m dating myself, it’s probably some American Idol on all the lunch boxes these days"¦

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