5 Spot: Why you should install the Compete Firefox Extension

We released the Compete Firefox Extension earlier today!

Compete loves Firefox

I’ve been using a development version for a couple of weeks and it rocks.

5 reasons you should install it now:

  1. SnapShot-ize your searches: This lets you "overlay" SnapShot on your search results at any of the more popular search engines. If we missed your favorite search engine please ping us and we’ll see about adding it in a future release. This feature isn’t available (yet) in the IE version, so Firefox users get the first crack at it.

    Just mouseover the SnapShot icons to see the pretty bubble tooltip.

    Snapshot bubble

  2. Minimize to status bar: No more wasted screen real estate, you can now minimize the toolbar to your status bar. To view the SnapShot data for site just click on the icons.
    Status Bar

  3. Deals!: No more having to remember to go check a slew of coupon code sites before checking out at your favorite online store. Thanks to Coupon Mountain for the coupon feed! We’re working on letting any of our members submit coupon codes & deals as well as integrating some other coupon/deal feeds.

  4. Free Site Stats: Now you can get a sense of how many people visit a site. It’s about people not "unique visitors" or "traffic rank". This is the first time this type of information has been freely available on over a million sites.
    Site Profiles

  5. Trust Scores: Is this site shady or legit? Well now you can have something more than intuition to rely on.

    Trust Scores = Compete site history data
    + GeoTrust data
    + CastleCops Anti-Phishing data
    + Secret Sauce

    We’ll be adding the ability for our members to rate sites this fall and will bake that into the Trust Scores in the future.

    Trust Scores

Download it now:

Get the Compete SnapShot Plugin for Firefox

  • System Requirements: Firefox version 1.5+

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