Google Continues to Improve Market Share

After a somewhat restful Labor Day weekend, it’s time to get back to work! To follow up to our last post of August 23rd on Search market share, we are happy to make our data available for August 2006.

Interesting Notes:

* Since August of 2005 Google has improved its Search market share 12 consecutive months.

* Although Google is enjoying a nice uninterrupted trend, its August gain represents its smallest market share increase of the year.

* Overall the Search landscape was relatively stable across Yahoo, MSN and ASK with no one property gaining or losing more than two tenths of a percent.

Compete’s market share report is based on the volume of "˜web searches’ conducted on each Search property – which excludes dedicated image, video and news searches. Compete will make its Search Market Share data available at the beginning of each month, so check back in October to see if Google can continue the climb.

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