Monthly Archives: September 2006

The Rivalry

Let me preface this post by saying that this is one of the most painful things I have ever had to do. On July 25 I proclaimed that the Boston Red Sox would defeat the New York Mets in this year’s World Series. Well, two months later it is safe to say I was wrong. As of August 5, 2006 both the Red Sox and the Yankees sat atop the

All Bets Are Off

Online gambling companies have recently come under serious scrutiny. Some states, like Louisiana, are issuing and executing arrest warrants for top officials employed by overseas gambling sites. Just ask Peter Dicks, the former chairman of SportingBet, who was arrested several weeks ago. On top of that, a new bill, which easily passed through the House, is currently sitting in the Senate and would effectively prevent US credit card companies and

SnapShot Is Coming

When you have tools that help you analyze patterns of Internet usage, you can learn some amazing things about human behavior. Those of us who work at Compete have access to these tools all the time, and it’s a pretty cool part of our jobs. Within the next 30 days we’ll be unveiling SnapShot, which will give you the chance to view the same data that we use to monitor

You air travelers out there know there are plenty of things that can go wrong between takeoff and landing. Whether it’s a seat that doesn’t recline, a tiny overhead where your overflowing "carry on" won’t fit, or a general lack of cocktail service on that 7am flight, sometimes you wonder if you’re better off taking the minivan. Enter, a nifty website that has all the information about airplane travel

Corporate MySpace- Befriending by Pretending

Corporate MySpace profiles have become the old guy at a college party: uninvited, kind of creepy, and really only funny if you’re drunk. But this poor response from the social networking community hasn’t stopped a slew of companies from building profiles promoting the BK "King" or Dell’s "DJ Ditty." Embracing this trend, FX networks recently created an "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" corner of MySpace to spread awareness for the

From Plastic Bricks to"¦Java, Visual Basic and C++?

Social Commerce is all the rage these days. Smart companies all over are starting to realize the power of tapping into online communities. Would you believe that way back at the height of the Dot-Com 1.0 bubble, one of the pioneers of this coming web evolution was a toy maker from Billund, Denmark? That’s right Lego was one of the pioneers of social commerce. In 1988 the last of Lego’s

Box Tops For Education

For the past 10 years, General Mills and Box Tops for Education have partnered and donated over $175 million to 90,000 participating K-8 schools"¦all for the simple act of clipping box tops! The year round fundraiser has created enormous buzz for General Mills products and has provided incentive for parents and children to purchase General Mills brands when shopping online or in the grocery store. This is a great way

Mobile Video Demand Is Small But Growing Fast

Mobile video has emerged as one of the hottest technologies in the wireless industry. All the major carriers have launched mobile TV services, and the investment community continues to pour money into enabling technologies. So far, consumers have responded with limited but growing interest. Interest in mobile video on the Big-4 carriers’ websites increased 80% over the past year, yet still represents less than 1% of carrier website traffic, according

HD DVD vs. Blu-ray: So far, people aren't taking the bait

Sequels have long been the rage at the box office: The Santa Clause 3 anyone? And just like Tim Allen in a rubber suit, another sequel, partly of Hollywood’s making, is also one you’d be wise to skip. The nascent next-generation DVD format war between the Blu-ray and HD DVD camps is shaping up to be a redo of the 80’s VHS/Betamax battle royale. Thank you Sony, Toshiba, et al"¦we

Q it up!

When I first saw the advertising for the Motorola Q, I had the feeling it was going to be a hit. I also thought the Palm Treo was in big trouble. The first prediction wasn’t a real stretch, and I ended up being right. Thin and feature-packed is clearly a recipe for success. As far as smartphones go, the Q’s launch was a tremendous success. At its high point in

Dough Boy

Out of all the mouth watering pastries, tantalizing desserts, and delicious breads Pillsbury has produced over the years, I still believe the Doughboy is Pillsbury’s best creation. I fell in love with the incredibly cute and exceedingly poke-able Doughboy the very first time I saw him wiggle and heard him giggle. Over the years, Poppin’ Fresh has captured the hearts of many, becoming the quintessential face of Pillsbury. For those