Monthly Archives: August 2006

Where's George???

Have you ever received a dollar bill that has “See where I’ve been. Track where I go next!” stamped on it? A couple weeks ago, when I was buying roses for my mom, which I do every week, I received one of these strange dollar notes in change. I decided to take a look and see what this particular green back had been up to. Turns out it had

Social Networks gaining on Top Portals

Membership at social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace is exploding. Everyone is doing it. Well"¦ a lot of people are. In June, 2 out of every 3 people online visited a social networking site. Since January 2004, the number of people visiting or taking part in one of the top online social networks has grown by over 109% (primarily driven by MySpace). Most of this growth has come Do you need a loan?

Do you need a loan? Or maybe you’re looking to loan money to someone else and earn a nice return? Well, join the 37,000 other people who visited last month. It’s the "online marketplace for people-to-people lending." Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a business or someone looking for a better return on your investments, you’ll find this site a wealth (yes) of information and opportunity. Take the

Internet Dating Services

As Thumper, the lovable rabbit in Disney’s classic movie, Bambi, astutely noted, "Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime. You get weak in the knees. Your head starts to whirl. Before you know it, you’re knocked for a loop!" Spring and summer are indeed the seasons of love, and judging by the internet activity since January, this is one season people do not take lightly. Many dating service websites experienced

High Tide

Doing the laundry is possibly my least favorite thing to do in life. It’s tedious, takes forever and is never fun. Plus, my clothes always turn gray for some reason. But Proctor and Gamble has been taking strides to make doing the laundry, well, bearable. has been redesigned and one of Proctor and Gamble’s best selling products is trying to engage and excite their consumers online. was the

Fine Living

By more than doubling the number of people hitting the site, made its way into our Top Ten movers list with over a quarter-million visitors in Week 29. The site is the web presence for Fine Living Television Network, a cable TV channel targeted at those who want to live, and can presumably afford, the good life. They describe themselves as “the first television network dedicated to inspiring and

Starwood Hotels is building a Virtual Hotel!

Just a quick follow-up to Thursday’s post about Second Life. It looks like the Avatar Marketing phenomenon is growing day-by-day. Starwood hotels is in the process of building a virtual version of their new Aloft brand hotels in the Second Life realm. were one of the first to spot the build in progress. This September, Starwood Hotels will become the first company in history to open a new hotel

Advertisers Fight Back

Commercials make the world go round"¦or at least the corporate world. However, with the advent of digital video recorders, which allow users to fast forward through advertisements, and satellite radio, which eliminate ads all together, consumers can now enjoy their media commercial free. This is a very frightening prospect if you are in the advertising field or if you are a company spending big bucks to bombard consumers with your

Second Life

Cat’s may have nine lives but they don’t have a Second Life. So let’s say things just aren’t exactly working out in the "real world" like you wanted them to. I mean come on "¦ life is tough. Well, what you need is a Second Life. Second Life is the latest Massively Multiplayer Online game that has spawned from the alternative reality genre of online games. Created and Managed by

For millions of Americans, the summer is a time to get outside and enjoy the nice weather, maybe make good on a few New Year’s resolutions, and even find some healthy competition (hey, just because we’re into the web doesn’t mean we shy away from laying it on the line). Our data shows that 2.4 million people per month head to to find out how they can stay active

Kaboose was number 2 on our list of top movers for Week 29 (July 16 — 22) [sign into My.Compete for full list]. This family oriented site offers activities likes crafts and baking that can involve parents and kids alike. Taking the kid and family on-line space by storm, kaboose experienced an increase in traffic of 147% from the previous week. So why would receive over 475,000 people in