The 9

Do you feel overwhelmed by the endless amounts of information and entertainment you can find when you go online? There never seems to be enough time in the day to read, watch, listen, and blog about everything. So, you ingest as much information as you possibly can and yet it’s inevitable you’ll wind up missing something. Then your Dad calls and tells you about this crazy dance video he found on You can’t believe you missed it AND your dad was the one who told you. That’s never good"¦

"The 9", which Yahoo recently launched in July, takes an "Access Hollywood" or "Extra" approach to aggregating the Web’s vast content. This site delivers TV-like online video of the 9 most interesting sites, photos, articles and videos of the day. Our data is showing that slightly over 1,000,000 people visited the page in July to watch Maria Sansone deliver The 9. Viewers of The 9 can directly interact by sending stories and links, and by voting on their favorites for the day. And what about #10 you might ask? Why a list of 9? Well, if you are a marketer you can own the #10 spot. Currently, it’s the Pepsi 10th and what a great placement it is for Pepsi. A very interactive page at Yahoo sponsored by a brand that’s young and hip. I can see an advertising bidding war ensuing as more and more people begin to find The 9.

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