American Idol

With an increase in people checking out American Idol during the latter days of July and new days of August, you have to wonder, what is up? Was it due to the "˜last chance!’ — only a few days are left to see Taylor and Kat’s performances? Umm"¦I don’t think so! The gain in traffic, week to week, with over 400,000 monthly visitors, came from none other than "¦ audition details!

You got it. Auditions. Season 6. Where you at? If you are between the ages of 16 and 28, you too can audition for a chance to have Simon sneer at you in person, Paula joyfully dance despite your vocals or Randy call you "˜dawg’. Los Angeles auditions started on the 8th, followed by San Antonio on the 11th, East Rutherford (that’s really New Jersey, folks) on the 14th and Birmingham, yesterday (21st). For those of you who think you can sing"¦you still have time for Memphis on September 3rd, Minneapolis on September 8th or Seattle on September 19th. Get those plane tickets!

For those of you who don’t want to join the thousands of people who will attempt to achieve fame and fortune, watch the audition previews and dream. Yeah"¦keep on dreamin’.

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