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Have you ever thought about running a marathon? How about a half marathon? Just thinking about running a mile makes you want to throw up? And in times like these, who can find the time to exercise and train? It’s exhausting to run 1 mile, what about 26.2! It just seems impossible. Yet, according to our data, over 155,000 "yes, you can" runners are visiting a month and becoming empowered to take that next step in their life. is a great site dedicated to running and the running consumer. They offer great articles on everything the average or professional runner needs to know about gear, diet, training, races, and motivation. They’ll let you know that a double ¼ pounder with cheese from McDonalds before a race isn’t the best idea. Who knew? And they do shed some great insight and reviews on finding the right running shoes. Which tends to be one of the most challenging and expensive aspects about running.

Runner’s World has recently taken the initiative to involve consumers by adding a forum section to their site where we can discuss everything about running. Our data is showing that 35% of the domains page views are in the forum. You can join and share with your online running community personal stories, videos and photos, rave about a recent running triumph, or let other runners in on a new trail that you just discovered. It’s a great place to stop by and relax after a run and share your personal stories with other runners from around the world.

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