Music Videos, Sitcom Stars, Naked People

Once upon a time there was a cable channel that only showed music videos, and some say they were responsible for saving the music industry in the 80’s. That channel was called MTV, MUSIC Television. But sometime in the early 90’s they abandoned videos in favor of their own programming (Real World, Road Rules, etc.) and the "M" in MTV became less and less significant.

Into the void stepped Fuse, a cable station that is "dedicated to music all the time with videos, concerts and programming that is influenced by the viewers for the viewers".

The channel’s website,, had nearly 900,000 visitors in July, an increase of 55% over June. Most of that lift can be attributed to interest in one of Fuse’s most popular shows, the Pants Off Dance Off. Hosted by Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie on Full House, the show features viewers of all body types, genders, and persuasions, doing strip teases while their favorite videos play in the background.

The performances on the show are edited for broadcast, so you never quite see the dancers au-natural (a blessing, in many cases). And while the website blurs out the truly naughty bits, it does show more skin than the television show. It might not be work-safe, but it’s worth a visit — where else can you see hotties, dwarves, and old people cutting loose and letting it all hang out?

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