Summer Movie Season

For the past several years, the movie industry has seen a decline in summer movie goers. The reason is more and more people have built their entertainment nests and watch newly released DVDs in front of their High Definition flat screens with surround sound systems that literally do this. Today, the magic of going to the movies can be brought to your living rooms and consumers are making sure they are ready. But this summer’s movie season has been, well, not as bad as most people thought. Thanks, in large part, to Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest which, according to the Internet Movie Database, is estimated to bring in close to a billion dollars globally. So far it’s the 12th largest box-office gross of all time and we still have a month left of the summer movie season. Not bad for a marketing budget that was estimated to be in the $100 million range. According to our data, Internet Movie Database has seen 5.7 million people a week visiting their site throughout the summer.

This summer movie season is going to finish much better than last year and it looks like creative marketing is making the difference. If you haven’t gotten the call yet from Samuel L. Jackson, I’m sure you will as more and more people virally hear about how to prank their freinds with this movie promotion. Just go to the Snakes on a Plane website and set up a call to anyone you’d like. I had Sam call my mom. She wasn’t that impressed and was actually quite scared. Regardless, I bet your friends will find it funny and I guarantee Snakes on a Plane opens big this upcoming weekend.

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