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Miller Lite launched a male community site,, to connect men and motivate them around voicing a code of conduct for men. is a microsite born from the TV commercials that depict well known celebrities such as, Triple H, Eddie Griffin and Burt Reynolds discussing and voting on man laws.

The commercials feature a few funny dilemmas, such as "if a man brings beer to a party and not all the beer is consumed, can he take the beer back home with him?" After arguing over the predicament, Eddie Griffin suggests, "you can take whatever can fit in your pocket", Jerome Bettis (former football player) declares it the "tuck rule" (for all you Patriots fans out there) and it then is formalized as an official Man Law.

Did my Mom think it was funny? No, she didn’t, but I did and I’m the one who counts because I’m the target audience. Miller is trying to include its entire target audience in the discussion by allowing customers to propose new Man Laws on the site.

For instance, the following rule was recently submitted on 8/14:
"No man shall ever use the word "antiquing" as a verb or spend the time performing said verb."

The rule was expanded by another participate who wrote: "Unless antiquing consists of throwing flour on your passed out friend."

I have no idea what he is talking about, but I got a laugh out of it and many others are as well. The site has nearly tripled its audience between May and August and currently attracts nearly 90K people a month (see chart) who spend an average of five minutes a session on the site.

Visitor Growth to (Number of people visiting each month)

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