High Tide

Doing the laundry is possibly my least favorite thing to do in life. It’s tedious, takes forever and is never fun. Plus, my clothes always turn gray for some reason. But Proctor and Gamble has been taking strides to make doing the laundry, well, bearable. Tide.com has been redesigned and one of Proctor and Gamble’s best selling products is trying to engage and excite their consumers online. Tide.com was the number one top mover for Week 29 (July 16th-22nd) and our data is showing an increase of traffic by 418%!! Why are almost 650,000 people a week visiting Tide.com?

Tide.com has shown that you can grow a brand’s online presence with a quality redesigned website and of course a sweepstakes that will entice the consumer to stop by. Once at Tide.com you should register to get a free sample of any of their new products so you don’t have to use dish soap anymore. Seriously, according to Tide"¦this isn’t a good idea, I asked. Also, you can play their sweepstakes for a chance to win an iPod decked out in a Tide Skin. Make sure you go and play before the game ends on 9/26.

It seems that one of the best ways drive traffic to your site is to have a sweepstakes and give away an iPod. I know I wasn’t registering so Tide could inform on how to clean different fabrics in their newsletter, I was all about the iPod"¦its just too bad I’ve never won.

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