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The 9

Do you feel overwhelmed by the endless amounts of information and entertainment you can find when you go online? There never seems to be enough time in the day to read, watch, listen, and blog about everything. So, you ingest as much information as you possibly can and yet it’s inevitable you’ll wind up missing something. Then your Dad calls and tells you about this crazy dance video he found hunting in the Amazon: Part I

I will admit, the motivation of this article was ignorance. A few months ago I noticed a TV commercial where the CEO of is standing on the roof of his headquarters toting’s promotion of "10% off prices". I sat on my couch thinking, "done! I’ll just buy all my stuff at from now on". However, my trick ear was acting up and I had simply misinterpreted

You're The Man Now, Dog

I read about it. I went to the site. But I still didn’t get it. Even after clicking on a few links! Duh. I didn’t have my sound on or my earphones in my ears. You cannot appreciate unless you have sound and a good video card! Check out the content. With over 600K people visiting the site in July, ranked in the top 3000 sites, many others have

Not So Fast – Google's Market Share Was Up!

For the second time this week data has been released indicating Google’s share of the search market has declined. Many market analysts have associated Google’s slight stock dips with these reports, so we felt it was prudent to make our data available to confirm or deny Google’s performance. In contrast to the two reports issued by comScore and Hitwise, Compete’s data indicates that Google’s market share actually increased by ½

I want my MVNO

You probably don’t know what MVNO stands for (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) or what an MVNO does (uses an existing wireless network, jazzes up the service and phone and markets under a different brand) but turns out you just might be a lot more familiar with an MVNO than you realized. The idea behind the MVNO concept is that an existing brand or even a completely new brand can piggyback

American Idol

With an increase in people checking out American Idol during the latter days of July and new days of August, you have to wonder, what is up? Was it due to the "˜last chance!’ — only a few days are left to see Taylor and Kat’s performances? Umm"¦I don’t think so! The gain in traffic, week to week, with over 400,000 monthly visitors, came from none other than "¦ audition

Runner's World

Have you ever thought about running a marathon? How about a half marathon? Just thinking about running a mile makes you want to throw up? And in times like these, who can find the time to exercise and train? It’s exhausting to run 1 mile, what about 26.2! It just seems impossible. Yet, according to our data, over 155,000 "yes, you can" runners are visiting a month and becoming

Music Videos, Sitcom Stars, Naked People

Once upon a time there was a cable channel that only showed music videos, and some say they were responsible for saving the music industry in the 80’s. That channel was called MTV, MUSIC Television. But sometime in the early 90’s they abandoned videos in favor of their own programming (Real World, Road Rules, etc.) and the "M" in MTV became less and less significant. Into the void stepped Fuse,

Summer Movie Season

For the past several years, the movie industry has seen a decline in summer movie goers. The reason is more and more people have built their entertainment nests and watch newly released DVDs in front of their High Definition flat screens with surround sound systems that literally do this. Today, the magic of going to the movies can be brought to your living rooms and consumers are making sure they

Urban Legends

Did you receive the questionable email the other month about registering your cell phone number on the "Do Not Call" directory in order to prevent your number from being released to telemarketers? Are you unsure as to whether or not eating celery actually results in negative calorie intake? Still wondering if that gum you swallowed the other day will be in your system for another seven years? Fear not! Barbara — Making legislation worth five minutes of your time

Miller Lite launched a male community site,, to connect men and motivate them around voicing a code of conduct for men. is a microsite born from the TV commercials that depict well known celebrities such as, Triple H, Eddie Griffin and Burt Reynolds discussing and voting on man laws. The commercials feature a few funny dilemmas, such as "if a man brings beer to a party and not