Besides finding out where to find the nearest local store (for those in the hinterlands) or possibly, ordering coffee online (again, for those in the hinterlands), I would think that the people visits for is not going to land it in the top 50 sites for the month. In fact, about 728K people visited this site in June, ranking it near the 2200th most popular site"¦ but I expect this number to climb over the month of July.

Why? Starbucks Summer Pursuit, silly! If you text "˜summer’ to 66268, you can take part in a 3 questions for 3 weeks game which may win you a free iced coffee or a trip to play the Ultimate Scavenger Hunt in NYC with the grand prize being a trip to Costa Rica.

Why else would I be surfing the site to figure out the common ingredient in one of their drinks and another famous drink loved by kids? Why else would I do a search on ipanema or the French legion? Because if I text the right answer I get an immediate response and the chance to answer another question! And, really, who wouldn’t want to go to Costa Rica?

And guess what? I am not the only one. You will find people posting some of the starbucks pursuit questions in various places on the web for someone else to answer the question for them. Hint: use search — it works.

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