Pitchfork media is the established go to source for independent music news. The content on this site attracts about 162,000 people per month. Here you will find interviews, daily album reviews, and interesting columns. Check a review on your favorite underground band and nine times out of ten you will read some harsh, critical words that you have never even heard of before. I read a few write ups on some of my favorites and I am now no longer sure what to believe.

In the features section you will find a must see piece entitled 100 Awesome Music Videos. Here, the term Awesome is loosely translated to "What the heck were they thinking when they created this"¦.". All the videos are hosted by Youtube, and let me tell you, there are some absolute gems in there.

My personal favorite, thus far, is the video for Björk’s 2005 song, "Triumph of a Heart" (the 8th clip from the top). In 5 minutes and 36 seconds director Spike Jonze takes you on an emotional journey. It all begins with a tension filled scene where the viewer learns of the obvious disconnect between Björk and her cat (yup, her cat). In just a few short minutes, Jonze, amazingly and artistically builds to a culminating performance in which Björk and the feline see eye to eye. Literally, they see eye to eye as the cat grows to 6 feet tall in a powerful princess kisses the frog type exhibition.

Check it out!

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