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Have you ever searched a great idea or tried to find a blog on your favorite subject at one of the big search engines and find all that was returned was paid search ads and 15 irrelevant websites? It happens to us all the time. Thanks to a great find by ScottE, we’re happy to talk about one of the coolest social blogging sites around, searches through the billions of blogs and provides the visitor a page with a top 10 list of the best feeds or blogs about any searched topic. Our research is showing that the American idol top ten page was getting 28% of their page views last month and was up 108%! You can check out the top ten lists that the staff has put together about a certain topic or start your own top 10 page. All you have to do is become a member to start your own page and it’s free! relies and needs more guest editors to keep the site exciting and new. It’s a great way to get the top10 news blogs about any topic that you want, from real people or friends that you know or don’t know. It’s a great way to share online. If its enlightenment and Buddhist bloggers you seek, check out Top 10 Buddhist bloggers.

Over the past couple of weeks, has seen an increase in traffic of 108%. We bet they will continue to grow as more and more people join and start sharing their top ten lists"¦

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