The Compete Toolbar – Launch Day!

Today is a big day for us"¦ this morning we launched the new Compete Toolbar and are renaming the blog the "Compete Blog". Consumer Input will continue to be our survey research service, but will no longer host our member community. If you are using the Consumer Input Toolbar you will be receiving a message in the next 24 hours to upgrade to the new Compete Toolbar!

Before you give the standard "another toolbar" yawn, we encourage you to check it out. What is special about Compete is that we combine the power of over 2 million people sharing their clickstream and create real value for our members.

Why is the toolbar useful?

Trust Scores: The web history generated from over 2 million people allows Compete to help you avoid malicious websites. As you land on a site the Compete toolbar checks the "trust" of the site. If the community history and our third party security service checks identify suspicious characteristics we will "˜Red Light" the site before any harm can be done. Conversely, if the site is deemed "trusted" you will receive a Green Light.

Site Profiles: Compete’s site profiles estimate how many people visit a given website. These "˜people projections’ are the beginning of a much larger effort at Compete to offer advanced web analytics to all of its participating members. For the techies and web site owners you will find this to be a great alternative (or supplement) to Alexa"¦. For the non-techies it will help you understand the size and popularity of sites you come across online.

Deal Light: As you land on a retail site the Compete Toolbar checks our database for any Promo/ Deal Codes that are available that day. If we locate a valid deal the Deal Light will turn on. By clicking the light you will have automatic access to the codes. Our hope is to save you money as often as possible.

If you follow this link it’ll take you to the Compete Toolbar homepage where you can learn more. The toolbar is free and is the mechanism that drives the insights found on this blog.

Tomorrow — after we have recovered from the launch hangover – we will get back to our regular posts.

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