World Cup Madness"¦

So it wasn’t the result that United States soccer fans had expected, but the games were exciting and Sam’s Army was out in full force. Crazed fans rooted for the American squad in Germany and in soccer establishments (bars) around the United States"¦Maybe a US winner in South Africa 2010? Let’s not kid ourselves. A finals appearance in the next 50 years will suffice…

Starting July 4th, the semi finals are set to begin with the best teams fighting it out for the Copa Mundial. With all of the outstanding matches to this point, we can only imagine they will be more competitive and exciting before the finals match on July 9th.

Traffic to the official World Cup website,, saw an increase of 227% and 1.4 million people to their site in the opening week of the tournament. Also, traffic at ESPN’s World Cup site,, saw an increase of 137% and of 500,000 people visiting in the opening week of the tournament.

In our previous World Cup blog entry, we mentioned that out of the 17 tournaments that have taken place, only 7 countries have won the World Cup. Brazil (5), Italy (3), Germany (3), Argentina (2), Uruguay (2), England (1), and France(1). This cup has seen only 2 teams that are not in this elite soccer group make it to the quarter finals; Ukraine and Portugal. Lets see if an under dog can pull it out this year and give hope to all the American fans around the country.

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