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Social networking is all about the ability to create an online identity, share something about yourself with others and most important"¦have fun. And sites like flickr are being flooded by people who want to share and blog about photos from around the world. Our data is showing flickr receives 4.9 million people a month. You can get lost on Flickr for hours while you tag and comment on some ridiculously

50 Million MySpace Fans Can’t Be Interesting

Before MySpace there were other Social Networking platforms (Friendster, Facebook) and there were plenty of ways to put up a website or blog for free (Angelfire, GeoCities, Blogspot). But somehow by combining just the right mix of elements, MySpace struck a chord with people. It was and still is a cool idea — providing the people with a forum to connect with others while telling the world about themselves. We

Google Calendar

Almost anyone who has worked in an office can tell you about the beauty of the online office calendar. This tool enables employees to keep track of meetings, appointments, projects, and any other note worthy event. The calendar makes staying organized easy with the convenience of daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views as well as popup reminders for pending events. In addition to all of this, one of the best

Doing Things Is What I Like To Do.

It’s been years since Dunkin Donuts commercials have featured that guy who looks like Mario from Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers. His uninspiring "It’s time to make the donuts" line had run its course and was exasperatingly tiresome to the consumer. And if you weren’t living in the northeast during the 80’s and 90’s you probably don’t know what we’re talking about. Dunkin Donuts is now taking America, including the The

Another Baseball Stat

Baseball is a game of stats. Hitters are judged by batting average (AVG), on base percentage (OBP), and slugging percentage (SLG). Pitchers strive for a low earned run average (ERA), lots of strike outs (SO), and minimal bases on balls (BB). Every team wants to win as many games possible in order to raise their winning percentage and thus give them the best chance to advance to the playoffs. But

Break the Bank

My grandmother used to hide a $2 bill (not two $1 bills, but an actual $2 bill) every time she visited my house. Of course, when I found it she’d tell me to put it in my savings account. Now I’ve got about 57 $2 bills that I need to deposit. I want a high interest rate, a very low minimum balance and no fees. After a bit of research,


Besides finding out where to find the nearest local store (for those in the hinterlands) or possibly, ordering coffee online (again, for those in the hinterlands), I would think that the people visits for is not going to land it in the top 50 sites for the month. In fact, about 728K people visited this site in June, ranking it near the 2200th most popular site"¦ but I expect


What can be better than knowing the names of your classmates, their contact information, their favorite movies, their taste in music, their political views, and almost anything else you would ever want to know about a person…all before ever stepping foot in a classroom? When you include the ability to share pictures, send messages, create groups, and keep track of the latest trends, very few people can resist joining in


By now you’ve heard of, if not visited, the video content site that makes it possible for that footage of your roommate from college trying to skateboard while drinking to be seen by millions of people. We wrote about it back in February, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. As popular as the site has become, it’s not the only game in town when it


The iPod. What can we say about the leader in portable digital devices that hasn’t been said already? We’re huge fans of the iPod. All generations"¦except the one where the battery didn’t last very long. Not cool apple, not cool. Today, you can buy just about anything to accessorize your iPod; customized skins, shields, wallets, docks, clips, cables, speakers, earphones, sneakers and car products to name a few. You can


Pitchfork media is the established go to source for independent music news. The content on this site attracts about 162,000 people per month. Here you will find interviews, daily album reviews, and interesting columns. Check a review on your favorite underground band and nine times out of ten you will read some harsh, critical words that you have never even heard of before. I read a few write ups on