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Lost Again "¦ or "¦ how to keep fans engaged in the off season part 2

What do Breaking Strain, Heir Apparent, The Mouthpiece, Survivor Guilt, Inmate Asylum, and Heavy Water all have in common? Not much really, but they do all happen to be passwords that allow players of "The Lost Experience" to gain access to clues. Clues to what you might ask? Well we aren’t really sure exactly, but if you ask us the whole thing is a clue into how to get your

It's Not a deal with the Devil that will save you $$…

Well, folks, on the magic date of 6/6/06, an article in the Wall Street Journal was published about how Tesco PLC, Britain’s largest retailer has signed up 12 million people to participate in their clubcard membership. But that’s not amazing. The amazing part of this deal (and the devil didn’t have a hand in this) was that smart consumers began to see the value in providing a little personal information

You've got questions, Yahoo's got answers.

Taking the answer-search space by storm, Answers has established itself as one of the leaders within the online social interaction platform. Although it launched just back in December of 2005, Answers recorded more than 6.8 million people in a recent month. This number is sure to continue to grow as the viral component attracts new users. Here is how it works, sign up for your free account and you are


You know the stickers, t-shirts, buttons and everything imaginable that your sales and marketing teams dole out in order to keep the consumer aware of their brand. In a very competitive marketplace, the hats with a company logo might be the deciding factor in how a deal gets done. It’s amazing to see how excited a co-worker can get over a keychain with a corporate logo! Anyway, schwag is now

I used to take pride in my CD collection; every purchase was made with a great deal of thought and I could claim that there was not once dud in my book of several hundred albums (alphabetized by artist then album of course). This building process took years and years but has recently hit a wall. I think it’s a phenomenon that happens to many people, at some point you

Extra Extra"¦

Read all about it. Every minute, around the world, there is more news being posted online than we can shake a stick at, and that is a lot. Personally, I have never shaken a stick at anything except those darn kids playing their music to loudly on their decked out entertainment systems in their hip new lofted space. So what’s new in news you ask? Not much. The same old

Rainy Day, Week, Month.

It’s warm and sunny somewhere, right? It’s that time of the year again. Spring is just about over and summer is right around the corner, but if you’re like the millions in the Northeast who can’t buy a day without rain, then we have some sites for you to remedy the occasional seasonal depression. First, if you are depressed about the weather, never, ever check out this page. You did?!

Rotten Tomato Movie Reviews

The problem with reading movie reviews is that you always have to be leery of biases. Certain critics like specific actors or specific genres of films. Perhaps their interests are not in line with your own. To combat this issue, rates movies based on every critic review they can find for any given film. By aggregating the opinions of hundreds of reviews, Rotten Tomatoes is able to minimize bias


According to Wikipedia, the term "woot" means the following: "A slang interjection used to express happiness or excitement, often expressed via the Internet."’s daily updates are engaging, humorous, and they even offer good deals on electronics. During 2006, Woot has played host to an average of 130,000 thrifty people a week by offering one product per day at a significant discount. Yesterday’s woot, for example, was a quality DVD

Game Over Gamekillers!

We’ve all been deeply involved in a conversation with someone we just met at a bar or party when everything seems to be going really well. You are being especially witty and smooth, and that certain someone is digging every story you tell"¦everything is perfect. You know that if you keep this up, you’ll get some digits later. Then you see that Mark, your friend that has a knack for

A Fashion Designer is Born

Pop quiz, what costs less than $20, is worn sparingly and can be found in the hundreds at the bottom of your closet? T-Shirts!!!!! Yes, one of the most prominent forms of abundance is beginning to evolve. Rather than being drawn into the Hard Rock Café (insert random tourist town here) offerings of yester year the people have said "ENOUGH, I’m making my own damn shirt" and that’s exactly what