Due to the unleashing of their summer fleet, traffic to HBO.com increased by 35% from May to June . New shows like Lucky Louie and Dane Cook’s Tourgasm certainly played a role in this rampant upturn. My personal favorite, Entourage, no doubt had a hand in the spike as well. The season three premier aired on June 11 and in preparation many viewers went online in order to freshen up on Vince’s new movie, Eric’s new girlfriend, Drama’s receding hairline, and Turtle’s matching sweat suits. Ok, Ok, top 3 Entourage moments according to me (the PG rated version of course).

3. Ari gets dismissed from the agency. The ensuing efforts by Ari to maintain his clients all without his phone and company car make this scene intense.

2. Eric finds out his girlfriend cheated on him. This makes the “Perfect 10 Model” incident ok.

1. Ari hears that Vince and the boys are partying at a competitor’s house (Josh Weinstein). Ari rolls up in his slick car with some Roots playing in the background and precedes to verbally abuse his competitor on his own turf.

Speaking of Ari Gold, this dynamic character is single handedly attracting people to HBO.com with his Interview with Ari section. Here you can partake in a mock interview with the LA gun slinging agent himself. Answer questions to his liking or his patience will run short and the interview will be over before you can say Dean Pritchard.

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