Operation Million Cup

Whether you’re operating a jackhammer or typing at a computer for a living, chances are you need a little boost to help you get through your day. And if you’re an American, it’s a safe bet that your boost of choice is highly-caffeinated. Never mind what they tell you about the cost of gasoline, coffee is truly the fuel that runs this nation. And now BocaJava.com, a specialty online coffee and tea distributor, is helping our most important countrymen and women to keep on their toes in some of the most dangerous places on earth.

Since October 2003 the company has been sending packages of coffee to US troops serving overseas. In July 2005 they began to step up their efforts with help from their own customers. Now they’ve formalized the program by announcing Operation Million Cup, which has sent the equivalent of 904,240 cups of coffee to members of the Armed Forces serving overseas. The program or the company (or both) seem to be picking up in popularity. Compared to a weak and watered-down 107,112 visitors in December 2005, BocaJava.com experienced a rich, full-bodied 2.2 million visitors in May 2006.

Want to know what effect this type of initiative can have? Here’s an excerpt from one soldier’s thank you letter:

"I walked back to my room this evening and the box was sitting outside my door. We immediately opened it and about fell down. Everyone is in seventh heaven. I brewed a batch of ‘Vacation Villa Vanilla’ and people started out of their rooms wanting to know what smelled so good. Some of these guys (and gals) have never had ‘real’ coffee before. You should see their eyes (and noses) when I grind up the beans. They all just want to smell the grinds, they can hardly wait for the coffee to brew

Nights are pretty chilly right now and its going to get colder. You have no idea how happy you’ve made this bunch of soldiers. What in the world could we do for you? You’ve made a bunch of friends. Some people just don’t understand or appreciate what a ‘good’ cup of coffee is all about, do they? May God look over and protect you and your family and all the folks that work for you. I hope your business prospers beyond all your dreams. I know that once I return from this endeavor, I’ll be a loyal customer for life. Thank you so very much for caring for us."

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