As an air travel consumer, sometimes we feel like there is no competition between the airlines and we never know if we’re getting the best deal possible on a plane ticket. The age old question always arises when you are buying a ticket online- Should I buy now, or do I wait a week to see if prices will go down? If I don’t buy now, will I just watch the prices sky-rocket and kick myself for not buying when they were $50 cheaper? You just never know.

Well, we think that’s going to change now that Farecast.com has come out of their private testing beta mode and become the first airfare prediction website available. As of today, you need to be departing from either Boston or Seattle to enjoy their services, but they will be adding new cities soon enough and we can’t wait. Our data proves that this site is extremely engaging. The average stay lasts 5 minutes and 20 seconds and the average pages viewed per session is 11. Check out farecast.com and let them show you where and when to buy your next plane ticket. Bon Voyage!

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