Holy Blog!

I realize that our blog is interesting and that it offers unrivaled insight as well as site metrics. And I understand that people are visiting our site and making it part of their daily internet routine. I was not aware, however, that God would be giving us a shout out. I must have spaced because I honestly just did not see it coming.

Altough our internal log files do not show any evidence of God accessing the blog, the Church Sign Generator provides all the evidence needed. This site is hilarious. It screams for an inappropriate quote (example on right) or personalized inside joke. Check it out, build your own blasphemous phrase, email it out to all your religious friends, and then pray you don’t get fired (this last part applies only to me). In a recent week, Church Sign Generator preached to almost 7,000 people (up 14% from the prior week). Offering inspiration, the Real Church Signs section will provide you with some real world examples that you will not believe.

Another site, Custom Sign Generator, offers more canvases to work with. Here you can customize everything from license plates to "Post-It" notes. My personal favorite is the mock "blue screen of death". This allows you to make your computer look like its fried, so that you can then scream for your favorite IT person. Lo and behold, when he comes over to read your blue screen it isn’t describing what is wrong with your computer, it’s describing what’s wrong with him, in a very explicit manner. Our reports show that Custom Sign Generator sees just under 4,000 people per week currently.

I’m off to confession.

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