If you are like me and have no idea about wine and feel a slight sense of apprehension with the daunting task of walking up and down the aisles at a wine shop in order to pick out a bottle of wine or 4 for your next party, then we might be able to offer some help. As States are changing their laws about shopping for wines online, it is becoming increasingly easier to get that case of rare vintage Pinot delivered from Oregon to Massachusetts. Of course, you still have to be 21 to accept a delivery of wine and it’s a felony if you lie about your age. Just a heads up to my younger brother"¦

Online wine shopping is increasing in popularity and thousands of sites are providing helpful information, reviews from pros, and have great selections of rare, reasonably priced vintages. is a great place to start your hunt and over 35,000 people a week are visiting their site and shopping online. has incorporated a nice community bulletin board into their site where the smart consumer can register and discuss their likes and dislikes about select wine’s and ask for advice from other wine consumers. had 3,000 people visit their site last week and we think more consumers will begin to see the benefit a community of wine lovers can provide to the average wine shopper"¦Cheers!

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