If you haven’t yet received an email with a link to a 30-Second Bunny movie do not fret, you will soon. That’s right, I said a 30-Second Bunny movie. People are sending these humorous shorts to inboxes all over the country. I had no idea that rabbits were such versatile actors; from Jake Gyllenhaal’s character in Brokeback Mountain to Rocky Balboa to the entire cast of Jaws (including the shark), these furry little animated creatures were spot on in any role.

This project was originally a means for Jennifer Shiman, a multimedia designer, to boost her portfolio. Now, the short movie spoofs are showcased on Starz website and attracting more than 38,000 people a month. You can even stay on top of the newest bunny releases by submitting your email address at Starz Bunny Club. Another site, angryalien.com, posts the bunny videos and was featured on CNN recently. Traffic to Angry Alien has jumped to just under 88,000 viewers a month. Here you can view an even wider variety of spoofs including Casablanca and Reservoir Dogs (Bleeped and Unbleeped versions are offered). It’s a tall order to condense a classic like The Shining into 30 seconds but these brief movie synopses are able to cover all the bases in a very timely manner.

Anyway, if you are in the mood for some off beat humor and perhaps a bit of animated violence check out these shorts.

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