You've got questions, Yahoo's got answers.

Taking the answer-search space by storm, Answers has established itself as one of the leaders within the online social interaction platform. Although it launched just back in December of 2005, Answers recorded more than 6.8 million people in a recent month. This number is sure to continue to grow as the viral component attracts new users.

Here is how it works, sign up for your free account and you are awarded points. Every time you ask a question, points are deducted. Conversely, every time you answer another’s inquiry you earn points. This system is a simple defense against those that rely on Answers heavily but do not reciprocate by helping out other members. With my recent barrage of questions – it was a tough weekend — I am currently running low on points. To resolve this I’m waiting with bated breath for a question on either baseball (“What is the infield fly rule?”), beer (“How many beers should I drink on any given Saturday?”), or simple math (“What is 9 minus 2?”) so that I can rebuild my bank. Yahoo recently surpassed the 10 million questions answered mark, congrats!

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